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The number of staff and Pre-School personnel depend upon the number of students at your centres. We require you to maintain an adult:child ratio of 1:6. Hence, if you have 42 students enrolled at your Pre-School you will require 4 teachers, 2 maids, 1 centre head and 1 security personnel

Start your own preschool franchise with EuroKids and set the foundation for interactive curriculum through a robust learning education system for young minds.

EuroKids is a leading expert in early childhood education. Join hands with the best play school franchise in India and strengthen the childcare and early educational value in our tiny tots!

Run a successful Nursery School Franchise with EuroKids through a profitable business model that has catered to 300000+ kids. Being the experts in childcare education, we have established our presence in 350+ locations.

Our curriculum includes both academics and extracurricular activities at EuroKids. Through an interactive syllabus, we offer both Kindergarten and Eunoia curriculum which focus on the development of cognitive skills through in-depth concepts. Open your own preschool with Eurokids today!

The EuroKids program appeals to parents looking for a home environment where their child can be observed, encouraged and supported, ensuring them a stress-free time at work. Our preschool program is designed to offer a learning home environment to our little learners.

Whether you seek autonomy as a boss or have a strong desire to succeed, EuroKids provides you with an ideal franchise opportunity. Implementing our business strategies requires your sincere effort. Children in India seeking early educational opportunities should consider Eurokids.

Through our franchise support program Edge 360 we offer a wide variety of resources such as school design, furniture, teaching curriculum, operating procedures, student admission inquiries, teacher training, marketing assistance in local areas, and many other initiatives to help them establish and sustain franchise business. Our curriculum prepares children for more than just academics with a focus on social and emotional development. We offer a preschool franchise program that is designed to offer exploration, and discovery, where active and enthusiastic children can learn, refine, and expand their skills. Our teachers ensure our preschoolers have meaningful and joyful learning experiences that prepare them for success in school and in life by using intentional teaching strategies, design of the learning environment, and enriched activities.

With growing interest from parents and an evolving preschool business plan, play schools and early education are rising verticals in India. The Indian preschool business has now reached Rs 4000 crore in revenue and continues to grow at around 37% annually. Adding to every movement at EuroKids a foundation of trust, which motivates our staff to do their best, reflects on the smiles of our students, and ensures the success of our partners and preschool franchise business.